{ the shop }

Even as a little kid, I was never the one who wanted the new,
shiny toys. I've always loved old things, and I wanted to find
a way to make them useful again instead of just having them
sitting around for "
display purposes only".

Inspired by my truly do-it-yourself dad who could fix anything,
and my Oma who could
make anything with knitting needles
and yar
n (seriously, anything), Ruffles & Rust Vintage was born.

The shop in Castro Valley opened in late 2011 to showcase
hand painted furniture, upcycled, vintage-material jewelry
and home decor, along with some great and unique found
 ok, so my garage was full and so was the house...

Open second Saturdays every month for sure, or by
appointment just about any time ~ I'm here.
(just call)

{ me }

I'm a nerd (or is it a dork?), just ask my kids...  all three of them,
including a set of boy-girl twins
. Or girl-boy twins, according to my
daughter, why should the boys get to go first?  
Give me a book and I'll stay
up all night until it's done
. If there's no book around I resort to the backs of
cereal boxes.  
I laugh more at my own jokes than anyone
, even when no one else laughs - I crack myself up. A former shy
Growing up as an Army brat and moving around
as we did, always made me the new kid in town; but it also
gave me an
entire world as a hometown.
All rights reserved.
2568 San Carlos Avenue
Castro Valley, CA  94546

(510) 886-RUST (7878)